I took a cooking class last week. With people I didn’t know. It was weird.

The guy next to me had terrible breath. It was worse than a fart in a yoga studio.

You shoulda seen the guy. He had loafers on with no socks.

This guy starts talking about the fact that he doesn’t like to eat thick chicken breasts.

He asked the group if it was ok if we made flat pounded chicken breasts.

We were all ok with it – as long as he didn’t breathe all over the chicken. That breath could have severely damaged that chicken!

So we all started pounding away on those breasts.

With those hand mallets.

All of the chicken breasts turned into some weird funky shapes. The chef had to juggle all of the breasts into the pans to make it work.

But, ya know what? That weird guy was on to something.

The chicken was amazing. The pounded chicken was moist. It wasn’t overcooked like a burnt piece of toast.

The outcome was way better than I expected. What started out as a funky idea – turned out to be not so bad after all.

In business, people will come to you with some weird, different ideas.

The key is to discern which ones are good ones. You do this by going with your gut and testing.

And when those ideas rock, you must take action and start pounding the chicken.

Most of the time, running with a new idea for your business involves money.

We make so many decisions on where we think we are with our business money, but not where we really are with our business money.

If you are flying by the seat your pants, and you don’t feel like you are in control of your business money – grab your chicken hand mallet – and reach out to me.

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