This could go down as one of the all time funniest.


So my mom went out to run some errands. She unknowingly forgot her cell phone and left it right on her night table.

My dad was still in bed. He wanted to get a hold of my mom and ask her something important.

So he called her the celly cell.

But my dad had no idea that my mom forgot her cell phone – and that she left it on the other side of the bed.

So he calls my mom on her cell. Her cell phone rings out loud. Of course no answer!

My dad calls my mom like 5 times. Every time he calls he is saying to himself – who’s phone is that ringing!!! And who keeps calling us!!!

It was him the whole time! Calling my mom. It was totally hill-air. Man I wish that I was a fly on the wall for that stuff.

He never connected the dots… He didn’t understand what was really going on. He wasn’t aware what was happening.

That kinda stuff happens so many times in business. Especially with your money.

You think you know what is going on – but you aren’t 100% aware of your numbers.

You know you are bringing in some business – making some sales – but you feel like you are always robbing Peter to Pay Paul. Sigh…

And you’re not aware of what you could do to make things better.

It’s super annoying not having money to pay all your bills. I have been there. I am talking Major Profit Shame. You aren’t making the kind of moolah you want to.

And the last thing you want is to hear that you need to get a bookkeeper.

What a joke! Right? To read financial reports – so you can read a financial mumbo jumbo profit and loss statement – and throw up? Yuck. It totally stresses you out.

Here’s the deal. You don’t have to be a numbers person.

You just need someone to explain them to you. So you can understand them – and be aware. So you can make smart decisions for your business. So you can give yourself a Profit Makeover.

That means it’s ok to get help. Get out of your own way. Whether it’s a bookkeeper, a money strategist, or someone to tell you what the F is going on with your biz money.

You need to get in a Profit Mindset. It’s time to take a stand. For you.


And Make Money. That means you need to pull your head out of the cheerios. Get yourself into a Money Yoga mindset.

If you want to go from making 50k a year to 50k every single month – in profits, you need to do this:

· Track your sales every week
· Know your profits every month
· Track your cash every week
· Stop wasting money in your business
· And most of all, make the decision to be a Profit Thinker

That means it’s time to REALLY know what is going in with your business numbers. Profits baby.