A Few of Justin’s Favorite Topics To Discuss:

  • Profits Are Good, But Where’s the Cash? 3 Steps to Create a Fanny Pack Overflowing with Cash.
  • 3 Tips to Build a Successful Small Business. Seriously!
  • The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Saying No and When to Say Yes. How to Stop Throwing Money Away in Your Business.
  • It’s Time to Cuddle with Your Money. No more Fear. It’s Really Not That Bad. The One Thing You Need to Do to Run a Profitable Business.
  • Taking Risks: When, What and How to Take Risks in Business
  • The 5 Key Numbers to Track for Small Business Owners

Justin has been a featured speaker in the following places:

Dance Studio Owners Association
Association of Personal Photo Organizers
National Association of Personal Organizers
National Association of Event Planners

SCORE Association
National Holistic Health

Flourish and Thrive Academy
Dance Studio Owners Inner Circle
Recognize Experts Mastermind with Dorie Clark

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